September 3, 2018 by Eileen Jiao

The first month of University can be a mix of overwhelming, exciting, nerve-wracking, while simultaneously being the best month ever. The VP team wants to answer any questions about the events during the first month as well give you our best tips! Here is a breakdown of what to expect during the first month and how you can make the most of it.


O-Week kicks off the next four years at Western and it is the best way to immerse yourself into the Western community. Having just moved into residence or off-campus, this is your opportunity to push beyond your comfort zone. Throughout the week, there are many events planned with your residence or your faculty to familiarize yourself with your community and academic resources available to you at Western.

VP Projects Brad Perez’s Advice

“In my opinion, O-Week was one of the best weeks of first year. My main piece of advice is to make sure you attend all of the Western organized O-Week events. This may seem obvious but once you’re up at school you may be tempted to hang out with friends you came to Western knowing. However, I would stress that you make the most of Western’s O-Week as it’s something you’ll only truly be able to experience once.

One of my best memories of O-Week was when most of my floor randomly ended up in my room before the first night. We just left the door open and more and more people began to come. It gave me the chance to meet a number of amazing people who stayed friends throughout the year!”

VP Communications Bhapushon Thayalan

“O-Week is the ONLY time of the year where you will be on campus and NOT be stressed about school. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore your surroundings with people you’ve never met before. I later realized that I never regretted attending an  O-Week event I was reluctant of, but I do regret not attending some of them. University WILL push you out of your comfort zone. You might as well start trying new things as soon as you can!

During O-Week you’ll have the chance to do cool things that you would usually have to pay for otherwise! I remember rock-climbing with my friends on top of UC Hill and got a $20 Just Eat food voucher for doing so!”


For the week of September 17-21, the Mustang Lounge inside of the UCC is turned into an array of booths all the clubs Western has to offer.  Clubs will tell you a little bit about their executive position recruiting process, what events they hold throughout the year, and then you can pay the membership fee to stay involved within that club.

VP Careers Matt Pereira

“Clubs week is a phenomenal way to find different clubs that really interest you. That being said, make sure you really take time to see what certain clubs do and the initiatives they have before becoming a member. In my first year I think I ended up paying to be a member of six or seven clubs, and in the end, I was only really involved with three of them.

There is no rush to pay for club memberships, so take your time and make sure that what you are signing up for is something that really interests you. After clubs week take the time to attend the AGMs of the clubs you are interested in, and after getting a better look some clubs, then decide which ones you are going to pay to be a member of.”

VP Media Kylie To

“O-week itself probably gave you a hint of how diverse your fellow classmates are, but it doesn’t stop there. Clubs Week features all the diverse student-led organizations that Western has to offer – there’s something for everybody! This week showcases an environment that goes hand in hand with encouraging you to try something new.

Personally, I found my first-year experience to be more wholesome when I joined clubs that aligned with my personal and career interests. University isn’t just about studying about your courses – it’s the people you meet and the experiences you share throughout your four years. And if you don’t know where to start, come drop by the PBSN booth during Clubs Week, we’d be more than happy to help you and talk about Western life, school, business, or just be your icebreaker to start your Clubs Week off.”


PBSN kicks off our year of events with the Fall Social. You will be joining likeminded students, the VP team, our alumni, and company representatives in this evening of networking. Last year, we had over 200 people in attendance – this year’s social is going to be bigger and better than ever.

VP Student Affairs Eileen Jiao

“The Fall Social is the introduction of the year that allows you to meet new friends, chat with the VP team, as well as expand your network with the alumni’s and company representatives that will be present. To top it off, free food from the Wave and an opportunity to step into the business community at Western.

I might be biased because the Fall Social is an event Student Affairs hosts, but I truly think that it’s a great way to like-minded individuals in the business community who have similar interests to you. The event has a very casual feel which makes it super easy to talk to people, which could lead to new friendships and mentors.”


The first introduction to an inside look into what each portfolio’s role is and exactly how the VP team strives to create opportunities for all our members. Each respective VP will also talk about the qualities that they look for in their executives. Right after the meeting, our executive applications will go live.

President Danilla Xing

“Our AGM is the best opportunity to learn more about what the club can do for you. My advice for the AGM is, don’t be afraid to attend the meeting solo! Even if your friends aren’t attending, don’t feel like you can’t attend or be afraid of going it alone. While this isn’t an example about the AGM, during the summer before first year, I attended a PBSN summer dinner and truly didn’t know anyone. I was literally in a new city. Little did I know, that night I met one of my closest friends to this day. The AGM is mostly the VP team giving our presentation so I can’t stress enough that you don’t have to feel nervous about not knowing anyone in the room. Relax and come to see what PBSN has to offer!”


Coffee Chat Week is an opportunity to chat one-on-one with anyone on the VP/President Team. Whether you want to know a little more about one portfolio’s events or get to know one of us, this is your opportunity! The VP team is super excited to get to meet all of you and give you any advice we can offer.

Co-VP Development Shreya Singh

“PBSN’s coffee chats are an ideal way to learn more about PBSN, discover each portfolio, and meet some of the VP team. When I was in first-year, I used this time to get some insider perspective on PBSN as a club, but also just tips for first-year as a whole. I realized really early on that the team always loves to meet enthusiastic people and offer help in any shape or form.  I chatted with the past president, and some VPs, and got a really great look at PBSN as a whole and the in-depth perspectives on certain portfolios! Most importantly, my coffee chats were the first step to building some great friendships and mentorships, and to this day, I’m really grateful for that opportunity.”

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