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November 30, 2016 by Aashna Randhawa

The leaves have changed colour, Starbucks has brought back the PSL and red cups, midterms are (almost) over, and the fashion levels went from 0-100 real quick. Fall is here my friends. We wanted to share a little about our Careers Portfolio with you all and hope you FALL in love with them this season.

Tony Jiang, Vice President of Careers
2nd Year Engineering
Hometown: Mississauga
First Year Res: Saugeen – Some idiot on your floor breaks your microwave making mac and cheese? Don’t worry just steal one from another floor when everyone goes out on Saturday! Pro-tip blame it on another floor to start floor beefs
Favourite Fall Fashion: Hoodies
Music for this Season: I am a very competitive person so I’d have to say those 19 hour study playlist on Youtube. I like to see what ends first, my will to study or those videos. Yay midterms!
Halloween or Thanksgiving: When I was younger, it was definitely Halloween because nothing beats trick or treating with your friends but now it’s still Halloween but for a very different reason


Micah Hansen, Careers Portfolio Executive
2nd Year Economics
Hometown: Sherwood Park, Alberta
First Year Res: Deli! To throw a successful party in Deli, you need to coordinate with other people on your floor: the more rooms the better!
Something No One Knows: I was a competitive trampolinist for 5 years!
Halloween or Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving because Turkey>candy
Favourite Fall Activity: Biking and enjoying the beautiful weather
Music for this Season: Sleeping at Last- Atlas: Year One

Gary Wu, Careers Portfolio Executive
1st Year Engineering
North York
First Year Res:
Delaware (Favourite: how close it is to all my classes. Secret Tip: There’s a hidden washroom behind the elevator on the second floor that is always clean.)
Something No One Knows: I’m trying to learn how to play the piano this year (only 10 years late to the party).
Halloween or Thanksgiving: Halloween because candy goes on sale.
Is Fall Your Favourite Season: Nope, gets dark too early.
Music for the Season: That cover of Hallelujah that Pentatonix sang.

Lisa Chen, Careers Portfolio Executive

Program: 1st Year BMOS
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
First Year Res: I’m currently living at Delaware and loving every moment! The building is newly renovated, we definitely have the nicest showers, but also the nicest people. I love it so much that I’m actually returning back to Deli next year!
Something No One Knows: I’ve been figure skating since I was 4 even though I’m really inflexible. (Like very very inflexible) Half of the time I’m in the air, and the other half, I’m sitting on the ice from a fall. Also, people usually find it surprising when they learn that I listen to a lot of rap/R&B. (Check out Location by Khalid!)

Jane Wang

Careers Portfolio Executive
Program: 1st Year Computer Science
Hometown: Toronto, ON
First Year Res: Perth – you can’t beat having your own bathroom and the storage rooms make great study rooms
Something No One Knows: I finished 76 episodes of Suits in two weeks
Favourite Fall Fashion: Blanket Scarves!
Favourite Fall Activity: Apple Picking
Favourite Season: Summer all the way – beaches are the best way to relax
Music for the Season: Photograph – Ed Sheeran

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