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March 2, 2020 by Sunny Wang

It begins each year as a slow buzz; an incremental rise in excitement towards new ideas, new faces, and a brand new PBSN leadership team. As a student, the month of March is notoriously packed with midterms, events, and competitions at Western and abroad. More than anything, it’s also a time of self-reflection ― for it is election season, after all.

A hallmark of PBSN’s leadership selection process, elections have long been the historical standard for selecting fresh faces to replace the outgoing President, VP Communications, VP Finance, and VP Operations. This year, we are excited to announce a slight change to this process! After months of careful consultation, PBSN will officially undergo an internal restructuring ― the first in over 6 years. A holistic overview can be found at this link.

What are the 2020-21 elected positions?

In the interest of improving PBSN’s internal functions, the portfolios of Operations and Finance have been reformed into Internal Operations and External Affairs. As the voice of PBSN’s members, Student Affairs will also shift into an elected position. And, of course ― the role of President will remain publicly elected.


Description: Responsible for the vision and strategy of PBSN. As an elected representative, this student is responsible for managing the club at all levels.  

Responsibilities: Club management, advisory board relations, sponsor relations.

Vice President of Internal Operations

Description: Tasked with managing the internal face of PBSN. As an elected representative, this student represents members of PBSN, holds signing authority, and assumes the position of Chief Returning Officer in elections.

Responsibilities: Room bookings, budgeting, reimbursements, culture, teambonding, diversity and inclusion, apparel, and internal metrics.

Vice President of External Affairs

Description: Responsible for the external side of PBSN. As an elected representative, this student is responsible for the club’s diverse partners and growth strategy.

Responsibilities: Alumni socials, advisory board management, USC relations, sponsor relations, Pre-Ivey Conference, intercollegiate event strategy, event metrics.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Description: Tasked with serving PBSN’s general members. As an elected representative, this student is responsible for overseeing PBSN’s human relations and perspectives by facilitating relationships, mentorship, and media content.

Responsibilities: Summer Dinners, Fall Social, Members’ Network, IMPACT Series.

Why restructuring?

Brian: It’s easy to stick to the status quo (go wildcats), but we cannot be afraid of change. While PBSN is one of the biggest business clubs on campus, there are always improvements to be had. A critical look at our current structure revealed organizational inefficiencies and workload inequalities between portfolios. By restructuring, PBSN will have the capacity to improve the member experience through interactive opportunities for growth. I am beyond excited to see how the changes will affect the future of PBSN!

Sunny: As an organization with such a rich history, it can be hard to make the first move towards shaking up the status quo. PBSN’s portfolios, the events that we run ― all of it is rooted in the work that has been put in by generations of PBSN alumni. However, one of the first things that we are reminded of is our responsibility to the club. To deeply care for something is also to have faith in change; especially if it can improve things for the better. I believe in all of the careful adjustments that we have made, and I’m so excited to meet the future faces of PBSN.

Why should I get involved with PBSN?

Sonya: One of the main reasons I decided to go to Western was because of the 2+2 structure, I loved the fact that I would have the freedom to explore my interests outside of business. However, this also means that many first and second years feel disconnected from the business community at Western. That’s why I decided to join PBSN! Whether you’re a member, an exec, or a VP, it’s an amazing way to meet other students interested in business.

Glen: PBSN was a key component of my first year experience ― I immensely benefited from the events, programs, friends and mentors. While considering if I was to continue with PBSN, chief on my mind was finding a means to give back to the community. I think this is why a lot of PBSN alumni are still actively involved in the organization. If you are considering returning to PBSN next year in whatever role, I would definitely go for it, it’s a great community to be part of!

Where can I find more information about elections?

Check out our Facebook Page for updates on deadlines and campaign rules! A link to applications will also be made available on our website. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Brian at or Sunny at Best of luck, and we look forward to your applications!  

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