The Pre-Business Students' Network | Our Team
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Our Team


Lisa Chen


Lisa is currently a second-year MOS student. Serving as President, she works alongside the VP and executive board to organize events, manage all club sponsorships, and implement new initiatives, such as the Alumni Database project. She is excited to have the opportunity to connect first- and second-year students to a variety of industries and industry professionals through value add events. Outside of PBSN, Lisa is a passionate mental health advocate and a new student orientation leader. In her free time, she enjoys figure skating, collecting stamps, and singing while playing the piano.


Harleen Arora

VP Operations

Harleen is a second-year MOS student. As VP of Operations, she works with every portfolio to ensure successful workflow, primarily through handling USC relations, the logistics of all events, as well as the Alumni Network. As of now, she aspires to pursue a career in either consulting or human resources. She believes that her interest in human resources and consulting comes from her drive to always mediate tough situations, and keep everyone happy. When Harleen isn’t talking to the USC, she thoroughly enjoys Harry Potter marathons, watching Suits, and travelling.


Srijan Walia

VP Finance

Srijan is a second-year Economics student. Serving as VP of Finance, he creates and manages the PBSN budget, plans finance-oriented events, handles sponsorships funding while consequently working to grow interest in the field of Finance within the general members. In his spare time, Srijan loves to watch sports, pursue portrait photography, and cook/explore various international cuisines. He believes that exploring different aspects of business is very important and is excited to be in a mentorship position to help individuals with this search. Srijan is passionate about numbers, people, and the global markets, and hopes to combine these three by pursuing a career in Finance.


Jessica Myles

VP Student Affairs

Jessica is in her second year of Economics. As VP of Student Affairs, she spearheads PBSN’s socials, the Members’ Network, the Impact Magazine, and the Insights Blog. From meeting cool people at socials, to attending fun events with upper-year students, to getting insider tips from our blog and magazine; Jessica is excited to have the opportunity to help members expand their networks and work to foster their professional growth. In her spare time, Jessica is an avid basketball fan with a love for baking and hip hop music. She hopes to pursue an eventual career in management consulting or digital marketing.


Medhavi Gautam

VP Communications

Medhavi is currently in her second-year studying Global Economics. As the Vice-President of Communications, it’s her job to bring all of PBSN’s opportunities to its member base. Through internal and external communication, online marketing and advertising, as well as promotions, Medhavi ensures that all valuable events, updates, conferences, workshops, job opportunities, and external events are brought general members’ attention! In addition to this, Medhavi manages a close relationship with the Media portfolio as well as inter-portfolio communications. With a love for public speaking, international development and policy-making, and philanthropy, she hopes to pursue a career in international business or consulting. In her free time, Medhavi enjoys singing, eating all-you-can-eat sushi, and reading.


Harshil Naik

VP Projects

Harshil is currently a second-year MOS student.  As Vice President of Projects, he will organize and execute two immersive programs.  The Internship Program is a formal initiative partnering Western students with year-long business opportunities in accounting, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship at established companies in London.  He will also spearhead the Pro-Bono Consulting Program, which provides students with the opportunity to take on a strategy consulting role by consulting on real-world problems faced by large companies.  Harshil hopes to pursue a career in consulting and eventually start a large business of his own.  In his spare time, he loves playing basketball, tennis and enjoys exploring different types of cuisine.


Jane Wang

VP Careers

Jane is currently in her second year at Western studying Computer Science. As VP of Careers, her responsibility focuses on helping students find the right career, and break into that career. Some events she will be hosting include the Interview Competition and Career Panel Series, which create an environment for members to hone their professional skills, network, and gain insight into different industries. Jane will also be introducing the Firms Trip, in which members will have the opportunity to see how leading firms operate in the business world. In the future, Jane aspires to pursue a career in finance or management consulting. She enjoys playing volleyball, netflixing, and binge eating kettle chips in her spare time.


Harit Sohal

VP Development

Harit is a second year Economics student. As Vice President of Development, her role entails organization of the PBSN Case Competition, which introduces first and second year students to the case method. She is also responsible for putting on PBSN’s annual Connect Conference. She will be introducing a new event this year covering the entrepreneurial space. In her spare time, you can find her struggling to improve her mediocre Ukulele skills and sipping on tea.


Justin Li

VP Media

Justin is in his second year studying Computer Science. Being VP of Media, he works alongside all seven other portfolios to help promote their events and maintain the image of PBSN. By including more data into the the Media portfolio, Justin will consequently bring a creative and analytical aspect of marketing to the team. Outside of PBSN, Justin aspires to be an entrepreneur using his experience in Marketing. He gets most of his inspiration through traveling and through exploring the unexpected and Justin’s always looking for new friends to explore so feel free to reach out to him.