The Pre-Business Students' Network | Executive Applications
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Executive Applications

Executive Recruitment is now open! Applications close Thursday, September 28th at 11:59PM EST. There is a separate application for each portfolio. If you are selected for an interview, the respective VP will email you to schedule a time. After submitting your application, please upload your resume to in the format "FirstName_LastName.pdf".

Operations Portfolio

The success of every PBSN event and program relies on the Operations portfolio. By managing the relationship between PBSN and the USC, Western’s governing body, Operations works closely with the President to oversee PBSN as a whole.


Featured Initiatives: General Meetings, Alumni Network

Development Portfolio

From organizing the Connect Conference, our signature event, to challenging members through our Case Competition, the Development portfolio works to provide opportunities for our members to perform at their best.


Featured initiatives: Connect Conference, Annual Case Competition

Projects Portfolio

The Projects portfolio connects PBSN members with both established and start-up firms, thus providing real-world work experience that our members may leverage in current and future recruiting.


Featured initiatives: Pro-Bono Consulting Program, Internship Program

Careers Portfolio

Focusing on industry education, networking, and the tricks to landing a job, the Careers portfolio is responsible for preparing our members for the professional world.


Featured initiatives: Careers Series, Firms Trip, Interview Competition, Business Jobs Series

Finance Portfolio

By managing our members’ first exposure to the world of finance and accounting, as well as the financial health of PBSN as an organization, the Finance portfolio works both on the forefront and behind the scenes to deliver PBSN events.


Featured initiatives: Scotiabank Stock Pitch Competition, Excel Workshop

Student Affairs Portfolio

The Student Affairs portfolio sets the image of PBSN, helping to connect our members and alumni through mentorship opportunities, as well as organizing social and philanthropic events.


Featured initiatives: The Members’ Network, PBSN Socials, Community Outreach Events

Communications Portfolio

The masters of all things marketing, the Communications portfolio is responsible for all engagement with our members, and uses social media, the PBSN website, and promotional campaigns to help grow PBSN.

Media Portfolio

The Media portfolio sets the branding and image of PBSN. Be it through creating graphics, capturing our members through photography, or creating promotional videos seen by thousands, the creativity of the PBSN Media team keeps our organization dynamic and innovative.