The Pre-Business Students' Network | Events
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Learn more about the events we run throughout the year

Connect Conference

Connect Conference is the largest event of the year. We invite our notable alumni to network with our members as well as working professionals from various industries. The conference is held at the beautiful Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, with a jam-packed buffet style menu. You don’t want to miss this event.


Networking Socials

Get to know our executives and alumni on a more personal level by attending the PBSN socials. We have at least one social every semester and we encourage our members to relax and get to know someone new.


Career Workshops

The Career Workshops are hosted by the Careers Portfolio. The events are aimed at teaching our members important skills when applying to summer internships. The Career Workshops cover the topics of interview prep, resume building, and networking etiquette. Our partners at Scotiabank also sponsor our Interview Competition during the school year, with a grand prize of a summer internship.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The first event to launch the year! The AGM is when the senior executive team formally introduces themselves while providing a lot of very important information about the organization as a whole, as well as the executive recruitment process.


Stock Pitch Super Day

If you are interested in Finance or you are planning to compete in the PBSN stock pitch competition, you do not want to miss this event. We invite the co-presidents of the Western Investment Club to give our members an educational on how to perform valuations and how to structure an investment thesis.


Gingerbread Social

Near the holiday season, we invite all the members to participate in a gingerbread house building competition.  This will help everyone relax during exam season while being a deliciously great time!

Stock Pitch Competition

Do you think  you have what it takes to convince an investor? If you are a finance junkie or trying to break into finance, the PBSN stock pitch competition is a great way to test your finance knowledge and your presentation skills.


PBSN Case Competition

In order to prepare our members to succeed with Ivey’s business school case method, we host an annual Case Competition to give our members a chance to sharpen their case study skills.The winners are awarded cash prizes and the opportunity to network closely with our sponsoring firm.


Summer Dinners

Before the school year begins, PBSN hosts networking dinners to get to know the incoming class. There are many incoming first years who might have lots of questions about PBSN and Western university life. We host these summer dinners so students can have the opportunity to meet their future classmates as well as upper years.


Interview Competition

After completing the career workshops, we challenge our members to put their new skills to good use. We have an interview competition where participants attempt to impress the judges with their ability to network and interview. The grand prize is an internship at Scotia Wealth Management.


Pro-Bono Consulting

This information session is dedicated for the Pro-Bono consulting Project (PBCP). The successful applicants of PBCP will form a team and they will be given their consulting objective.