The Pre-Business Students' Network | About
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The Largest General Business Club on Campus


The Pre-Business Students’ Network (PBSN) is a student-run organization which aims to help university students discover, explore, and gain experience in the many fields of business. Through a variety of conferences, workshops, and competitions, PBSN connects the very best emerging business leaders at Western University, building a network that is carried beyond their time at university and into the professional world.

Our Members


PBSN members constitute some of the very best young business talent, not only at Western, but across North America. Many of our members go on to study at the prestigious Ivey School of Business, and our Alumni consistently recruit competitively for the most selective firms in the world.

What we do

PBSN strives to provide networking opportunities for students interested in a field of business at Western. Regardless of their program or faculty, PBSN helps students experience the business world beyond a classroom setting.

How we do it

PBSN is comprised of eight portfolios, each one of which is responsible for organizing a different range of services or events throughout the year. These include case competitions, review sessions, volunteering opportunities, resume workshops, and networking opportunities with employers and industry professionals.

Getting involved

PBSN provides many different opportunities for first and second years to get involved. Executive recruitment for PBSN occurs at the end of September – make sure to attend our Annual General Meeting to learn the application release date. Exclusively for first years, the Member’s Network is a unique opportunity for you to be matched with second year and Ivey mentors that can help guide you throughout your university experience. All of our programs, competitions, and conferences are open to our General Members. Keep an eye on the PBSN Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as this website, to get the latest on how to get involved!